I get highs and lows and feel like shit, or sometimes I inject in a bad spot and just have to scream “Fuck” because it hurts so much, but I don’t spend time wishing this disease would go away or that I could live without it for a day. It’s just so ingrained in me that it’s a non-issue. Anytime I see another diabetic who is struggling, my first thought isn’t help, it’s judgement, and I’m super embarrassed by that. I don’t even know whether I could give other people any comfort if I tried.

Every day I thank my lucky stars for the journey. My story now includes type 1 diabetes, and although it’s extremely tough, it also has brought so many wonderful people into my life. I now know how precious time is, and can truly enjoy all that life has to offer. It’s been almost a blessing in disguise.

My heart goes out to all the people out there who seem to get upset at every comment and go on the attack every time someone puts up a joke/incorrect information about diabetes. There are many misconceptions about MANY things. You have NEVER said something insensitive or inappropriate?

These diabetics do no service to themselves or the world by being hateful and aggressive in their responses.

What a terrible way to live, thinking people are shaming you all the time. It’s not a personal attack.

I hope these people can get to a place of peace and can educate with sincerity. Be respectful and honest.

I was there once, but am so happy I’m not anymore.


when people say things like “oh my god, are you going to stab yourself here?!?!?”

or “ew omg i hate needles”

or “omg i can’t watch you do that gross”

i take it EXTREMELY to heart. it dampens my confidence so much so that i actually will refuse to check my bloodsugar in public for months, and once i finally get that confidence back up, someone knocks it down again.

i know that needles and blood are gross, i know that this disease is gross, trust me i know, so why did you feel the need to remind me.

I recently started seeing this guy. He is a wonderful person, he has a big heart and cares a lot for me. The only bad thing is that he is terrified of needles. He couldn’t even stand beside me while I was doing mine. That made me feel so disgusting. My needles are what keep me alive everyday and it’s something he can’t even look at. I almost don’t even want to do them because of the way he looks at them.
I feel, that the reason I have no idea what I want to do with my life, is because I wasn’t supposed to live this long. I was meant to die when I was 10. I feel that the reason us as diabetics, have and are prone to so many complications medically, is because we cheated death, and this is life’s way of saying “Oh, hey! Yeah I’ll let you live, but you’re going to have so much sh*t go wrong with your body! You’re welcome ;)” Thanks life, I appreciate that! Now yeah I know I am being totally pessimistic about this entire situation, but I cannot help it. I have felt this way for many years now.